EIDSS™ Project Description

The Electronic Integrated Disease Surveillance System (EIDSS) Open Source Software (OSS) is an application that can be configured to support a disease surveillance network, implemented throughout a particular geographic region or country for use by public health practitioners, epidemiologists, and laboratory personnel. The application integrates data collection of infectious diseases in human, veterinary animal and natural vector cases. Recorded information includes demographics, geographical location, laboratory analysis, sample tracking, epidemiological analysis, clinical information (including disease specific clinical signs) and response measures into comprehensive information sets that can be synchronized across sites. A fully integrated system is capable of providing near real time information flow that can be disseminated to the appropriate organizations in a timely manner. Administrative menus easily support customization for language translations or to meet specific reporting standards of an organization. Epidemiological analysis tools include Analysis, Visualization and Reporting tool (AVR) and direct integration with Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Epi Info.

Current modules include Human case entry, Veterinary case entry, Vector Surveillance, Syndromic Surveillance, Laboratory, Analysis, Aberration Detection, Administration, Notification and International Data Exchange.

Current platforms include the desktop application, web application, mobile web application and Android compatible handheld application.

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