EIDSS version

Jul 5, 2016 at 4:02 PM
EIDSS Version 6.1 Major Changes

System Administration and General Modifications
  •  Printing country specific paper forms on Desktop and Web platforms
  •  Grids customization in Detail Case Record and Records List forms on Desktop and Web Platforms: hide/unhide columns, change columns’ order and width
  •  Filter list of samples by diagnosis by default in human/veterinary cases and AS sessions
  •  Warning to register samples before entering tests data in human and veterinary cases
  •  System Preferences menu on Web platform
Human Surveillance:
  •  New warning for a user when the Final Case Classification does not match the Basis of Diagnosis in Human Case record
  •  New mandatory field “Reason” if samples are not collected
  •  New search parameters on Human Cases List form
Veterinary Surveillance:
  •  Display of Final Diagnosis and Tentative Diagnoses separately
  •  Additional columns in "Results Summary and Interpretation table to identify which sample/animal/species the interpretation belongs to
Laboratory Section:
  •  New columns in the Laboratory Section form
  •  Customization of Laboratory Section form: hide/unhide columns, change columns’ order and width
  •  Showing multiple AVR layers on the same map
  •  Support of the new map export format: Geo Database file
Android platform:
  •  Samples data entry section added to Human, Livestock and Avian cases
  •  Animals data entry section added to Livestock and Avian cases
  •  Active Surveillance Session component (detailed view) implementation